Webjet Hack Day

Hayley Kerruish

What is Hack Day?

Hack Day allows us to bring together the diverse skills within our business to explore different ways to do things. It gives everyone a chance to develop an idea they believe can improve some part of the business and encourages us to think outside of the box. Teams work on developing an initial idea and can build a prototype or provide a business plan and the results of two days ‘hacking’ are presented in a marketplace to see who is judged the winner. It is the perfect platform to explore new technology, ideas and processes whilst encouraging us to work collaboratively.

Webjet held its first Hack Day in January 2016. It was a huge success, with combined effort across all departments and resulted in some great improvements and changes being made within the business; both for the people who work here and for our customers. We will continue to hold regular Hack Days and look forward to seeing what innovations these bring.


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